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General Questions

Why should I vote for Valli Perrine? 
My experience! I have an MBA and over 25 years in analyzing forecasts and budgets for fortune 500 corporations. I have also assisted 100's of small businesses in improving bottom-lines and operational processes. My strengths include strong leadership qualities, integrity, & accountability.
What changes would you make as City Commissioner?
Business Districts
Protect Historic Flagler Avenue & Canal Street. Focus on support of our small Business Owners. Support a parking garage strategically placed with landscape and aesthetic requirements.

Beach Traffic
Support collaboration to put a sign by I-95 informing beach closures and beach traffic status/time wait.

Neighborhood Plans
Better collaboration & budget approvals for residents involving speed limits and traffic vs costly studies that often delay actions and results.

City Budgets
Better scrutiny of where our tax dollars are being spent, with line item budget analysis. Better reviews of the tax proportion ratios to help balance the burden of residential property tax payers.

Better collaboration and communication concerning our infrastructures, including septic to sewer, storm water plans & residential street flooding.

More interaction between the community and the commission board.

How To Help The Campaign

Where can I get yard signs?
You can get campaign yard signs at: 

431 Canal St, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168. 


141 Canal St, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
Do you have social media we can share? 
Absolutely! Please follow me on Facebook to stay up-to-date on my campaign.

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Can we donate to the campaign?

Of course! And your support would be greatly appreciated. You can contribute right here on our website by visiting our donate page.

Can I host a meet and greet? 

Absolutely! Please contact the campaign by email or phone. 386-314-7050, email:

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