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This is why Valli Perrine, MBA is highly and best qualified to be the next NSB City Commissioner, Zone 1!
Meet Valli
PERRINE listens to citizens and will protect local businesses, charm, and spending of tax dollars! She will work towards strengthening and diversifying our local economy to provide for our future generations.


Valli Perrine has an MBA and over 25 years in analyzing forecasts and budgets for fortune 500 corporations. She has also assisted 100's of small businesses in improving bottom-lines and operational processes. Valli’s strengths include strong leadership qualities, integrity, & accountability.

Valli recently completed a 4 year term on NSB Economic Development Board as Vice Chair. She spent many hours assisting and interviewing local business owners to discover their needs and communicate that info back to city officials.

- Valli Perrine

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New Smyrna Beach Florida
City Commisoner Zone 1 
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I will focus on: 
Business Districts

Protect Historic Flagler Avenue & Canal Street. Focus on support of our small Business Owners. Support a parking garage strategically placed with landscape and aesthetic requirements.

Beach Traffic

Support collaboration to put a sign by I-95 informing beach closures and beach traffic status/time wait.

Neighborhood Plans

Better collaboration & budget approvals for residents involving speed limits and traffic vs costly studies that often delay actions and results.

City Budgets

Better scrutiny of where our tax dollars are being spent, with line item budget analysis.


Better collaboration and communication concerning our infrastructures, including septic to sewer, storm water plans & residential street flooding.


More interaction and transparency between the community and the commission board.

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Any donation amount is a great help for my campaign, and I am grateful for your support. - Valli Perrine
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For City Commisioner Zone 1 New Smyrna Beach, FL.


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